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Serge Lutens Rousse edp 50ml
When you think "cinnamon" you immediatly think, buns? We are used to. Let Lutens to be to look at the name in a completely different way. Cinnamon here has nothing to do with cooking, it is far from edible. Instead, the name refers to the cassia cinnamon and trees, whose bark is used to manufacture spices of cinnamon. Leaving aside any gourmand reference, Rousse tells us the essence of the forest. The fragrance gives the wearer a smell of warm spices like magic cloak. The top notes are wonderfully candied, an image of sugared citrus, cinnamon sweet and soft woods. The more the scent develops, the more it becomes dry and slightly chalky, with a nice creamy notes of violet paired with hot carnation, highlighting the spice cinnamon. The base is resinous and dark, with amber and vanilla which heat the composition. Rousse transports us into a magical world from the enchanted forest, a solemn and mysterious world where everything is possible and right. This is Lutens at his best!
Composition: cinnamon, mandarin, nutmeg, cedarwood, amber
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