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Ella K Parfums • mercoledì 24 aprile 2019
We welcome a new brand: Ella K.
Sonia Constant, creator of the brand, pays tribute to female boldness.
ELLA K is first of all a state of mind. It is looking at the world in another way, with poetry, in a permanent search for beauty
She is a tribute to all the passionate, daring and emancipated women who fought against prejudice and ventured into the unknown.
Each fragrance is a precise and elegant alchemy of just a few ingredients, a formula that is written and rewritten as often as necessary to achieve the ultimate goal: purity, precision, simplicity and [...]
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Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity • venerdì 19 aprile 2019
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity
Same notes, two identities.
Working with a single ingredient to express its full potential and accept the challenge of composing two different Eau de Parfums with the same notes.
A keen observer of society and its evolution, Francis Kurkdjian reflects his era and tells stories through his fragrances.
Gentle Fluidity is his answer to contemporary questions on gender identity,
"Gentle" because benevolence is one of the fundamental values of Maison Francis Kurkdjian. "Fluidity" because we are all free to express our personality without having to submit to any diktat, just as the [...]
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Orto Parisi Megamare • venerdì 19 aprile 2019
Alessandro Gualtieri's new olfactory creation is Megamare. ù
With this fragrance the master perfumer takes advantage of the richness and originality of the marine notes.
Megamare is the olfactory definition of the sea.
THE cap is made of heavy metal with a silver finish, where the effect of corrosion caused by sea water is visible. It is embellished with a Haitian mother-of-pearl inlay.
The bottle of Orto Parisi fragrances is inspired by an ancient flask, a container for liquids to satisfy thirst. For Gualtieri it was very important to have an appropriate and manageable bottle that reflected the principle [...]
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Comptoir Sud Pacifique Eau de Biarritz • giovedì 18 aprile 2019
The charm and refinement of Biarritz come together in the dedicated eau de toilette of Comptoir Sud Pacifique, fresh sparkling, thanks to the fresh and iodized smell of brown seaweed.
A delicious mix of marine notes and floral notes.
A seductive, bold intensity that recalls sunny days in Biarritz.
Through the quality of its ingredients, this fragrance is absolutely sparkling and unique.
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L'Artisan Parfumeur Bana Banana • giovedì 18 aprile 2019
The history of the Maison L 'Artisan Parfumeur starts with the Banana ... the exuberance, the madness, the champagne: here we are at the Folies Bergeres theater in the 70s, the reference of the Parisian cabaret.
The Folies Bergeres ballets were synonymous with extravagance.
Each guest took care of his own costume, no detail was left to chance, with a particular attitude to the Perfume!
It was for a costume with a banana skirt that Jean Laporte created his first fragrance inspired by the treasures of nature.
Thanks to a game, a new passion and a mission, La Maison [...]
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Laboratorio Olfattivo Nerosa • mercoledì 17 aprile 2019
" Nerosa is the latest Laboratorio Olfattivo fragrance created together with David Maruitte in 2011 but at the time we felt that the brand was not ready to welcome a fragrance of this type to the list. Today Nerosa, instead, fits perfectly into the Laboratorio in Nero collection, thanks to its depth, its richness of formula, its strength, presenting a rose released from the feminine universe to which it is commonly associated. A fragrance with evident power, long-lasting and particularly enveloping. "
Roberto Drago
A sublime saffron opens the fragrance and then immediately gives space to a powerful rose [...]
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Penhaligon's Portraits Chapter 6 • lunedì 15 aprile 2019
The Portraits family of Penhaligon's welcomes new guests, introducing the first aromatic citrus fragrances.
- The Ingenue cousin Flora, the innocent cousin Flora with big eyes is polite to the old man, punctual to his riding lessons and a smiling angel with his mother.
- The Impudent Cousin Matthew polite, he blatantly takes the blame without questioning and is slightly surprised to cause such a nuisance for his actions to his twin sister.
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Les Parfums de rosine Le Snob • giovedì 11 aprile 2019
The fragrances Le Snob by Les Parfums de Rosine are the culmination of mastery and quality and attention to incomparable details.
It all started in 1911 when designer Paul Poiret created a maison de parfum, Les Parfums de Rosine, giving the brand the name of his daughter Rosine. An exceptional vision that of Poiret, the first fashion designer based on perfume: that of creating fragrances to enrich seduction and enhance the wardrobe of its customers.
Le Snob, a Parisian brand of luxury leather goods, discovers the Parfums de Rosine and lets itself be conquered by their unique fragrances. [...]
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La Mer The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Masks • giovedì 11 aprile 2019
Travel mask for a concentrate of hydration and energy.
La Mer The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask
With the application of this innovative mask, the skin receives the energetic infusion of The Treatment Lotion. Thanks to the Japanese technology, which is a concentrate of beneficial hydration, this mask will visibly flesh and energize the skin for a healthy glow in just a few minutes.
Distant and apply on clean skin for 8 minutes. Skin wear for superior hydration and a burst of energy.
Now available also in 1 application format.
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