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Diptyque Essences Insensees • martedì 20 agosto 2019
For Diptyque's Essences Insesees, the historic accomplice of the Maison Fabrice Pellegrin chose a tiare flower from the island of Tahiti.
In Polynesia, men and women carry a fresh specimen of the tiarè, a distant cousin of the gardenia. In perfumery, it is used for the extraction of a natural ingredient, the absolute of tiare.
To immediately reveal to the eye and to the touch all the precious exclusivity of this edition of Essences Insensees, coming from afar and so rich in sun, an adequate glass casket was necessary.
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New Brand : Le Labo • venerdì 9 agosto 2019
We are pleased to welcome a new brand: Le Labo present in our store in Via dei Mille, 37 and can be ordered by phone (by calling 081/5569321).
Le Labo has a collection of 17 perfumes developed in collaboration with some of the greatest perfumers. Each perfume is built around a primary natural ingredient that generally comes from Grasse.
The name of the perfume contains a number next to the raw material, which indicates the quantity of ingredients present in the formula of the perfume itself.
By purchasing Le Labo perfumes, it is also possible [...]
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Guaranteed shipments in August • giovedì 8 agosto 2019
All orders sent regularly throughout the month of August, shipments continue with our couriers and our boutiques will remain open with the usual hours.

Enjoy the summer and the Violetta Boutique's!

* Closing day 08/15/2019
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Frederic Malle The Moon • mercoledì 7 agosto 2019
The Desert Gems collection by Frederic Malle is inspired by the sacrility associated with perfumes in Middle Eastern countries.
Perfumes took on a religious role when the prophet Muhammad began wearing fragrances as a purifying rite before prayer.
The Moon joins this collection currently consisting of The Night, Promise and Dawn.
A heavenly charm
The moon has a leading role in leading the rhythm of life in the Middle East, its ethereal aspect that greets the passage and the end of every holiday. However, in Arabic, invoking the moon is also an allusion to romanticism - "my moon"; an [...]
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Tom Ford Sole di Positano Acqua • lunedì 22 luglio 2019
Tom Ford launches the Sole di Positano Acqua, a new citrus and summer version.
An even more sparkling experience than Sole di Positano, full of a luxurious citrus mix. The new and exciting perfume by Acqua Collection evokes the dream Italian coast thanks to its refreshing lightness.
A blend of Italian bergamot, petitgrain bigarade, lemon and mandarin with the sharp contrast of the shiso leaf, which reflects the solar vibrancy of the coastal paradise. Ylang Ylang and sandalwood
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L'Artisan Parfumeur Le Chant de Camargue • giovedì 18 luglio 2019
The new fragrance L'Artisan Parfumeur Le Chant de Camargue, composed of delicious notes of "rice milk" nose created by Alberto Morillas,
Among his travel itineraries, Alberto Morillas recalled the flights of pink flamingos and the Fetes de Prenices du Riz, the rice festivals, animated by the incredible parade of allegorical floats. But first of all, the poudrè and creamy aroma of rice is indelibly engraved in the memory of Alberto Morillas. This aquatic, herbaceous plant has a dark green stem that gradually takes on an elegant amber hue.
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Liquides Imaginaires Eaux de L'Est • mercoledì 17 luglio 2019
The wonderful stories of oriental gardens, from the most ancient creations to the most contemporary, have always woven a link between the terrestrial garden and the celestial garden, to reach the pleasure of the senses. If the garden is the reflection of the soul of our society, here are three legends inspired by fragrant imaginary gardens.
The third is that of the SILK GARDEN. In its aerial extension, the sky invites intangible sensations. Caressed by sunlight, its silken threads glide through the clouds.
- Buveur de Vent (Pure Arabian Blood Horse) Born from the saddle leather of a [...]
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Laboratorio Olfattivo Masters' Collection • martedì 16 luglio 2019
Laboratorio Olfattivo launches the Masters' Collection, a new line that celebrates the synergistic power of the encounter with two great masters of perfumery: Lucien Ferrero and Jean-Claude Ellena.
Four fragrances become part of the collection:
- Vetyverso nose creator Lucien Ferrero. The green and at the same time woody character of Vetiver is illuminated by citrus scents and made sparkling by spicy notes forming a perfect fragrance to be worn by a man but also by a woman looking for an olfactory surprise on her skin.
- Tantrico nose creator Lucien Ferrero.
Tantrico, the velvety character of [...]
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