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Acqua di Parma Note di Colonia V • giovedì 23 gennaio 2020
Acqua di Parma presents a new fragrance Note di Colonia V
The olfactory pyramid recalls the structure of the orchestra. At the opening is the entire section of the violins to spread in the air with the sparkling notes of Italian citrus fruits. A cheerful waltz of lemon and bergamot from Calabria, punctuated by the lively and light rhythm of pink pepper. It is the prelude to the rapid entry of the heart notes. As in a crescendo of woodwinds and clarinets together with the tenor's voice, the contrast between the vibrant spirit of ginger and the fresh aromatic tones of [...]
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Tom Ford Soleil Neige - Available Now • martedì 21 gennaio 2020
Tom Ford Soleil Neige

New Tom Ford Private Collection
FOr the Winter for The Snow...
Available Now for Fast Shipping !

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Xerjoff Alexandria III - Available Now • martedì 21 gennaio 2020

Xerjoff launches Now Alexandria III with a predominance of Bulgarian Rose and Oud from Laos, expertly blended with the classic notes of Alexndria II.

Enjoy Xerjoff Alexandria III

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Le Labo Baie 19 • sabato 11 gennaio 2020
Last fragrance Le Labo Baie 19 evokes the sensation and scents of rain after a long period of drought, one of the most beautiful olfactory phenomena in nature.
Here's what Baie 19 is about: the dried juniper berry, patchouli, the green leaves ... all impregnated with a beautiful, luminous, magnetic rain after a long drought.
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Ella K Reflet Sur L'Okavango & Cri du Kalahari • giovedì 9 gennaio 2020
Ella K presents two new fragrances, the "African couple"; Reflection Sur L' Okavango And Cry Of The Kalahari Insinuates incarnate journey through Botswana.
- Cry Of Kalahari The Kalahari, is a large desert of sand on Earth, but it still hosts a lush flora
Inspiration of the ancestral symbol that majestic baobab that brings the entire history of Africa to its millennial wood, this perfume whose woody notes are overdose becomes almost palpable and features a ribbed engraved in this complex trunk afflicted below.
- Reflection sur l' Okavango Okavango, in Botswana, a "river that cannot [...]
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Phuong Dang Artist • mercoledì 8 gennaio 2020
Phuong Dang, a Vietnamese artist, uses a common creative language to transform ideas into artistic realities through many different fields: from high fashion to design, to creative direction, to painting, and now to perfumery. His artistic career began in London as an international make-up artist for high fashion houses, and as creative director for Elite Model. Phuong has developed an acute and intuitive understanding of the world of luxury and artistic beauty, before transforming her passion for visual art. After graduating in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths University in London, Phuong's highly tactile and visually spectacular sculptural paintings have been [...]
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Register to Recieve Our Christmas Gift • martedì 24 dicembre 2019
Register on Our site to recieve on 24 our Christmas gift For You...

Alla Violetta Boutique " A Perfumed Life"
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Christmas Shipping • mercoledì 18 dicembre 2019
We Grant shipping within Christmas for Eu Orders recieved within  17 december, ones comin later we are not sure if they will arrive within 24...
Black Friday orders are recieving delays cuaz the high Courieer traffic of these days...Please check Your track to be sure everything is ok...

Enjoy Noel 2019 on Alla Violetta Boutique
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