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Tom Ford Lavender Extreme Collection • mercoledì 19 giugno 2019
A new fragrance enters part of the Private Blend collection:
Tom Ford Lavender Extrême.
Fresh, stimulating ...
The Lavender note is reworked and refracted as never before, to become something irreverently new, a breathtaking creation.
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Acqua di Parma Home Fragrance • mercoledì 19 giugno 2019
Acqua di Parma presents a collection of ambient Candles and Diffusers whose fragrances evoke moments of Italian lifestyle.
Relax and let yourself be enveloped by a unique atmosphere.
The candles are entirely handmade following artisan techniques.
A sensorial experience between style and design with the ambient diffusers of the Acqua di Parma maison
A new fragrance becomes part of the Blu Mediterraneo collection:
- Cypress of Tuscany, the modern interpretation of the classic olfactory family fougère. The fragrance opens with the enveloping top notes of Star Anise and Elemi, refreshing like a fresh breeze that blends with [...]
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Comptoir Eclats d' Amandes • mercoledì 19 giugno 2019
Sensuality, nuances and harmony ...
Eclats D'Amandes, the new fragrance from Comptoir Sud Pacifique, the Parisian Maison has written the continuation of its history in a perennial renewal.
It naturally appeals to globetrotters who explore scents that come from other places, while seducing new wandering and urban spirits ...
On the head, the delicate notes of almond intertwine with the aroma of the Fava Tonka Absolute and reinforce the extreme generosity of Ceylon cinnamon.
A concentration of exotic woods gives the fragrance a woody and enigmatic touch.
Muschi and Sandalo elegantly enrich the composition with creamy and balsamic notes that [...]
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Laboratorio Olfattivo Masters' Collection • martedì 18 giugno 2019
Laboratorio Olfattivo launches the Masters' Collection, a new line that celebrates the synergistic power of the encounter with two great masters of perfumery: Lucien Ferrero and Jean-Claude Ellena.
Four fragrances become part of the collection:
- Vetyverso nose creator Lucien Ferrero. The green and at the same time woody character of Vetiver is illuminated by citrus scents and made sparkling by spicy notes forming a perfect fragrance to be worn by a man but also by a woman looking for an olfactory surprise on her skin.
- Tantrico nose creator Lucien Ferrero.
Tantrico, the velvety character of [...]
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Penhaligon's Cairo • giovedì 13 giugno 2019
A play of light and a fantastic journey through time: the Damask Rose immersed in an opulence of wood and spices. This is Cairo, the new fragrance by Penhaligon's which, vibrant, invites you to travel towards the infinite richness and extreme sensuality of this mythical Egyptian city.
Cairo is a monument of the past, golden and glittering. Cradle of culture; center of commerce. The outline of its palaces and pyramids reflects mathematical magic. His land abundantly offers fragrant herbs, which grow with insolence on the consecrated lands. In this cosmopolitan city there are thousands of minarets and thousands of [...]
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Juliette has a Gun Vanilla Vibes • mercoledì 12 giugno 2019
Juliette has a Gun launches a new fragrance. Vanilla Vibes
An olfactory journey ...
Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the immensity of the desert.
Suddenly, here it is, voluptuous.
Natural vanilla reveals its aphrodisiac charm, its gaze rests on mineral, crystalline sea salt.
In a state of ecstasy, he can't get his ice eyes off her.
The meeting is symbiotic, electric, like the decibels that resonate in the distance.
Was it just a dream?
The olfactory journey of Vanilla Vibes continues through the bottle.
The degradé nuance that combines pink and blue [...]
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Molton Brown Geranium Nefertum • martedì 11 giugno 2019
The new Molton Brown Geranium Nefertum Collection.
Bold, androgynous, kaleidoscopic.
Bold and at the same time refined, the new Molton Brown collection is an invitation to express oneself in the most true and authentic way.
Unconventional reinterpretation of a chypre chord, it combines notes with unusual and multi-faceted nuances with a modern, abstract and sophisticated twist, creating a naturally androgynous essence and gender fluid.
The name of the collection, of ancient reminiscence, is a tribute to Nefertum, Egyptian divinity of perfumes, whose name meant "without equal".
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Sensai Absolute Silk Micro Mousse Treatment • sabato 8 giugno 2019
Sensai Absolute Silk Micro Mousse Treatment  is a light mousse with effervescent micro-bubbles that improve the skin conditions, associated with Koishimaru Silk Royal ™, an exclusive patented formula that will give you access to the new era of skin beauty. At the time of application, microbubbles of smaller diameter than cutaneous pores generate an effervescent effect on the skin. As revitalized, the transformed and invigorated skin regains a more youthful and toned appearance. Incredibly polished, it also appears brighter.
The skin's hydration level has risen to 77% *.
88% ** of women found younger looking skin.
Over 90% ** of women [...]
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