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Phuong Dang Artist • giovedì 17 ottobre 2019
Phuong Dang, a Vietnamese artist, uses a common creative language to transform ideas into artistic realities through many different fields: from high fashion to design, to creative direction, to painting, and now to perfumery. His artistic career began in London as an international make-up artist for high fashion houses, and as creative director for Elite Model. Phuong has developed an acute and intuitive understanding of the world of luxury and artistic beauty, before transforming her passion for visual art. After graduating in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths University in London, Phuong's highly tactile and visually spectacular sculptural paintings have been [...]
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Killian Rolling in Love • mercoledì 16 ottobre 2019
Rolling in Love the new fragrance By Kilian is a real twist, which captures the feeling of romanticism and euphoria of an intimate and sensual relationship. Rolling in Love is direct, almost "monochromatic" in its focused representation of a single emotion, it is described as a "moss of the skin" and "a gripping intimate cocoon". A “white” perfume, which stratifies different textures along its path with notes of ambrette seeds, almond milk, iris and musk predominant, but also narcotic and sensual notes, from rose to tuberose, from orange blossom to gardenia for add depth ... Kilian flowers are composed like [...]
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Diptyque Prets a Parfumeur • martedì 15 ottobre 2019
Mix scents at will and change them whenever you want ... Portable and decorative, Diptyque's Prêts-à-parfumer invite you to experiment with new ways of wearing perfume. The perfumed brooch A pre-perfumed ceramic element to be inserted in a bird-shaped brooch in gold metal. The jewel sparkles, releasing perfume: the refined silhouette of a chic and intoxicating chirping. The brooch is available in three fragrances: Fleur de Peau, Eau Rose and Do Son. The perfumed bracelet Adorn the wrists with black and white to release perfume, as if nothing had happened. The cord is available in three fragrances: Tam Dao, Eau Rose [...]
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Le Labo Baie 19 • lunedì 14 ottobre 2019
Last fragrance Le Labo Baie 19 evokes the sensation and scents of rain after a long period of drought, one of the most beautiful olfactory phenomena in nature.
Here's what Baie 19 is about: the dried juniper berry, patchouli, the green leaves ... all impregnated with a beautiful, luminous, magnetic rain after a long drought.
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Penhaligon's Portraits Chapter 7 • venerdì 11 ottobre 2019
Penhaligon's presents two new Portrait of: Hertless Helen and his accomplice Terrible Teddy.
Heartless Helen a clear woman on her intentions, a woman sometimes of his own invention.
Born to dominate your sex, and be the heroine of mine. Novels are for Romantics and we know how they end up.
Terrible Teddy a fragrance for those with charisma, both dangerous and spicy. At the same time it occurred and introverted, it is quickly brought to confidence, but it is never quite what it seems.
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Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Cafè • martedì 8 ottobre 2019
Comptoir Sud Pacifique presents Vanille Cafè, a woody gourmand frangranza enriched with notes of natural coffee extract.
Pretext for a break or for an impromptu meeting, coffee brings people together. Throughout the world, for over three centuries, it has become an opportunity for appointment, a tribute to sharing, conviviality and tasting.
Sweet, full-bodied, special, warm, it is the illustration of a ritual that cultivates sociality.
It is not said that "a shared coffee is worth 40 years of friendship".
In a nutshell, coffee unites and inspires!
For Comptoir Sud Pacifique, coffee creates a connection with its intercultural and cosmopolitan nature!
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Byredo Slow Dance • lunedì 7 ottobre 2019
Byredo launches Slow Dance Eau de Parfum
Slow dance, a moment of passage rites for girls and boys before they become women and men.
A feeling of euphoria tempered by embarrassment, a strong collision of innocence and experience, not knowing and knowing, proven through countries, culture and times.
It is in this perspective that Byredo presents Slow Dance, an evocation of memory and desire from a male perspective, which must be worn by both sexes. A perfume that mixes ideas of women and men, bitter and sweet, in a rich and inebriating distillation that recalls warm skin and breathless [...]
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Goldfield & Banks Velvet Splendour • venerdì 4 ottobre 2019
The new Goldfield & Banks fragrance, Velvet Splendour, evokes a drive in the open, breezy and cloudless countryside, the creative nose Wessel-Jan Di Firmenich.
Velvet Splendour is like holding a bunch of wild flowers burned in the sun and gently plunging your face into your arms.
The mimosa tree in full bloom is the first sign of spring in Australia. The soft yellow petals fade into the blue of the sky. The first inhalation is a mix of green stems, yellow flowers, fresh air and warm light.
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