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Laboratorio Olfattivo a Christmas gift for You • lunedì 30 novembre 2015
For Christmas, on Alla Violetta, buying a Laboratorio Olfattivo 100 ml perfume, wee Gifting You with a solid savon of the Same Brand, you can choose between the ones available iN Boutique.

Enjoy Laboratorio Olfattivo Perfumes, and Alla Violetta Boutique Christmas evennts.
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Black Friday discount error FIXED NOW! • domenica 29 novembre 2015
We Noticed the Black Friday Discount 10 % Not working on the english version of the site. Please Complete the order on the Italian version, or contact Us through email to or phone 0815569321

thank You and sorry for the troubles
Have a nice Sunday 
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Byredo Holiday Collection • domenica 29 novembre 2015
The Holiday Collection Byredo includes three candles, a discovery set and an air freshener.
1. A 'collector's edition of Christmas candles on the theme of winter fruits imprisoned in the ice:
- Figue Glacee fruity oriental fragrance notes: Mediterranean fig, red currant, violet, bamboo, vanilla, sandalwood.
- Cassis Glace fruity flowery fragrance notes: juniper berries, black currant, magnolia, geranium, lychee.
- Prune Glacee fruity woody, olfactory notes: plums, acai, date, davana, birch, patchouli.
2. Discovery Set, a collection box for 6 iconic perfumes Byredo size 12 ml: Blanche, Bal d 'Afrique, Gypsy Water, Oud Immortel, [...]
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Creme de la Mer The Renewal Oil • sabato 28 novembre 2015
The Renewal Oil of La Mer, a highly potent elixir that infuses the skin of youth. Day after day the appearance of the signs and the first wrinkles is softened and skin is infused with rejuvenating energy for cells. The skin glows with youth infinite.
The legendary beneficial energies of the Miracle Broth activate the five aspects of renewal, helping the skin to recover its balance:
hydration, regeneration, soothing, smoothness, brightness.
Oils of Eucalyptus Miracle Broth, sunflower, sesame and almond, used in the fermentation of Miracle Broth.
The Renewal Ferment stimulates natural collagen production to help ease the [...]
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Black Friday dal 24/11 al 02/12 • sabato 28 novembre 2015
The promo "Black Friday" part of the 11/24/2015 and ends on 12/02/2015 (at 10.00); It will automatically apply an extra discount of 10% of the value of each order, even on products already discounted and there is no need to place any code.
After the procedure of confirmation of order will be deducted the discount.
Hoping as always to have pleased ... Enjoy your shopping!
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Farmacia Ss Annunziata Hyle e Nero Incenso Concentrato • venerdì 27 novembre 2015
Florence, famous throughout the world, the cradle of Italian history, home to ancient crafts, gave birth to one of the most prestigious and historical Pharmacies that, respecting the oldest traditions, has created a line of scented herbs.
Farmacia Ss. Annunziata created each fragrance following the dictates of the best "Master perfumers" selecting the finest woods to get fragrances unique and inimitable.
We are accustomed to thinking of perfume as a liquid mixture of aromas and alcohol, creating an amorphous forget that once worn. In fact, when he meets a perfume smell and lands on our skin begins to live because of [...]
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Diptyque Holiday Collection • giovedì 26 novembre 2015
Available collection Diptyque Limited Edition Christmas 2015.
It includes three candles inspired by the scents and colors of Christmas and a new packaging of the iconic Eau de Parfum Do Son and Philosykos.
Candles are available in two sizes, 70 g and 190 g in the following fragrances:
- Sapin this candle pays tribute to 'spruce, at whose feet take refuge children, the beauty of a winter, the memory of a party. The crystals fragrant resin are dyed here a track Mandarin: an encounter unusual yet familiar, including notes hespéridées and wooded.
- Liquidambar spreads a 'wraparound amber, nutmeg, cinnamon, [...]
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Liquides Imaginaires Peau de Bete • giovedì 26 novembre 2015
The idea behind this new Liquides Imaginaires Peau de Bete, is to reinvent the sensuality through a natural fragrance and animal.
Bring to light the nobility of the animal scent with rare species, such as the smell of a horse after the gallop.
A fragrance warm, enveloping and sensual, a mix between human and animal.
Eau de Peau is the scent of a stallion after the gallop, his hot sweat and animal harness before it dries.
A wild and natural fragrance.
Top notes: Chamomile blue safranal, cumin seeds, black pepper from Madagascar, parsley seeds.
Base notes: Cade Wood, Guaiac [...]
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