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Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Toilette • venerdì 28 agosto 2015
The bottle's iconic black opium becomes more sparkling. The glitter pink lend even more femininity revealing a soul even more glamorous.
A glamorous woman playing with her femininity to seduce.
A scintillating and sexy femininity, making it even more desirable.
A coffee floral acquiring a new face, bright and sparkling.
A new twist that olfactory sugella l 'meeting between coffee and green notes for a fruity fragrance addictive.
Notes: Green coffee with sparkling notes and juicy. Agreement blackcurrant, pear and essence of tangerine.
Available in sizes 30 ml - 50 ml - 90 ml
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Xerjoff Casamorati 1888 Gran Ballo • giovedì 27 agosto 2015
The tradition of the great dance or Dance of Debutantes, was born in 1700 when the palaces of the time, in a blaze of lights, mirrors and gilded stucco, aristocratic young girls had the 'opportunity to find their own "Prince Charming".
True to tradition, Casamorati recreates the dream of the Grand Ballo, a romantic dance of flowers of honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine with warm shades of amber and caramel.
While this, just like dreams, it lasts only one night.
Top notes: wild berries, mandarin
Heart notes: honeysuckle, gardenia, jasmine sambac
Base notes: amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood
Available in [...]
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Mirum • martedì 25 agosto 2015
L 'Art perfumery mixes words, where there is carried away by' essence narrative that each fragrance hides.
This is the first collection Mirum, "the revolution of flowers", characterized by olfactory travel to faraway places, different times and historic moments highlights.
Love, madness, chills, pleasures, sighs and smells ... a mix of feelings that come together in the 'summer of global revolution.
The flower power, the 'hippy style, the' free love and the thought uncensored mark these years of change and mirum has extracted fragrances giving you the chance to relive those same emotions through the scents.
Four fragrances [...]
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Les Infusions de Prada • lunedì 24 agosto 2015
Able to resist the feminine and masculine stereotypes and to go beyond the current trends of perfumery Les Infusions de Prada are the sublime meeting between the veneration of Prada for the past, his ability to understand their role in the present and his visionary look into the future.
Les Infusions embody the graceful theory of apparent contradictions that make up the heart of Prada: tradition molded according to modern standards, poetry mediated precision, instinct joined in intellect, subtlety tinged with strength, sensuality emphasized by freshness.
Infusion is a meeting capable of transforming, from which emerges the unexpected and [...]
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Penhaligon's Halfeti • giovedì 20 agosto 2015
Halfeti draws inspiration from the lavish goods traded with Turkey: exotic florals, spices, soft leathers and precious fabrics. The fragrance is named for the small Turkish village of Halfeti, where enchanting “black” roses grow on the banks of the Euphrates river. Dark and mysterious, the roses are an intense shade of crimson, so dusky they appear to be black. 
Halfeti is an exquisitely opulent woody floral, dazzling in the glow of luxurious golden saffron, decorated with bright citrus, green armoise and woody cypress. An exquisitely multifaceted rose is set like a precious jewel amongst a silken bouquet of [...]
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Alla Violetta Boutique in Via Bernini 27 • venerdì 14 agosto 2015
Alla Violetta Boutique staying close the following days: 15-16 and 17 August. Will open again regularly on 18 august.
Shippings wont be delayed.

Enjoy 15 th August! 
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Hermes Le Bain Parfums Jardins • lunedì 20 luglio 2015
The ritual bath is a gesture intense, intimate and precious as the fragrance. That's why Hermès has created 'Le bain ", a new art of living perfume.
Underlying Bain Hermès, the fragrant notes of the collections Les Colognes and Les Jardins, who buy new texture: shower gel, body lotion and mild soap ...
Between gestures, textures, colors and designs, choose your favorite for every day, for every mood. Change. Restart. Vary the pleasures. Tomorrow is another bathroom, another scent.
The fragrance are:
  - Un Jardin En Mediterranee ( soap , body lotion , shower gel [...]
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Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino • venerdì 17 luglio 2015
A new fragrance Tom Ford joined the collection Neroli Portofino: Fleur de Portofino.
A modern interpretation of the iconic colony, always inspired to one of the most chic and modern Italian Riviera, Portofino.
Fleur de Portofino is inspired by a cascade of white flowers that blend with the 'White Acacia and citrus.
Closing his eyes back over the streets of Portofino imagining of being under the branches of a tree at 'inside of a Mediterranean garden.
Tom Ford once again confirms its success by expanding the Private Blend collection.
Available in bottles of 50 ml and 250 [...]
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