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Nasomatto Baraonda • giovedì 29 settembre 2016
This new creation of Alessandro Gualtieri, BARAONDA Nasomatto is part of the project.
The fragrance promotes a feeling of raw taste. It evokes the powerful and mighty whisper of a olfactory agitation, which magically rejoins everything and nothing.
The project is dedicated to people who have a strong interest in a choice of distinct scent. Alessandro Gualtieri believes that our senses are the main tools that generate our instinctive reactions and process to guide our choice.
E 'intention of Alessandro share his personal passion for perfumes and improve awareness of the impact of olfactory senses.
Thinking of raw materials, [...]
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Take a picture & Win...Nasomatto Black Afgano • mercoledì 28 settembre 2016
Prize for the winner for the fourth week of the Contest: Nasomatto Black Afgano 

We remind you how to get involved, just a few steps:

  1. * Take a picture of the product purchased in boutiques or online in any scenario you chose, by following one rule: be creative!
  2. Put a "like" on our Facebook page "At Violetta Boutique Sede Storica Unica dal 1911" and / or Instagram "Allaviolettaboutique" (unless you're already among our followers)
  3. Post the pictures on your Facebook profile and / or Instagram by inserting the 'hashtag #allaviolettaboutique (valid from 22/09/2016 to 28/09/2016)
    N.B the hashtag will be announced every Thursday [...]
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Follow Us on Instagram • mercoledì 28 settembre 2016
Follow Us on our Instagram and win every week a wonderful rare perfume bottle and Keep updated on news and event in Boutique...

Enjoy Alla Violetta Boutique 
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Hermes Galop d Hermes Pure Perfume Refillable • mercoledì 28 settembre 2016
Faithful to the equestrian roots of Maison Hermes, comes from the nose Christine Nagel, Galop d'Hermes.
An oriental fragrance, seductive, feminine, combining notes of leather (for the first time for a women's fragrance) in notes of rose, with a hint of saffron that invigorates the scalp and a bit 'of quince that gives the rose flavor more intense.
The bottle used for Galop d'Hermes is another innovation: a bracket, rechargeable, with a leather cord, which resurfaces in mind the relationship of a woman to her perfume.
It' s avaible a second product: Galop d'Hermes 125 ml Refill, [...]
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Last Available Andy Tauer Au Coeur du Desert • martedì 27 settembre 2016
The heart of the desert of the Maghreb. The 'charm of' infinite.
Sublime, oriental, spicy, woody, balsamic.
And 'the metamorphosis of L'Air du Desert Marocain in a luxurious estrait de parfum.
Au Coeur du Desert is a statue carved in wood wrought in the sun, softened by a layer of aged patchouli and ambergris a patina that comes to life by a flash of balsamic notes. 
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Miller et Bertaux Study 23 • lunedì 26 settembre 2016
A scent like a newsletter sent from elsewhere (India?)
Miller et Bertaux Study # 23 a night fragrance combined scents.
Petals of flowers, incense fumes. On bodies and faces, orange, glutinous rice, saffron.
Merging with incense, yellow flowers necklaces, garlands of patchouli leaves, embers of Tibetan cedar, coming from waves and lounge of the nearby beach bars, a tenco button and modern music ...
Hence the new fragrance by Miller et Bertaux.
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Sisley News • sabato 24 settembre 2016
Sisley presents many new, highly sophisticated treatments that aim to counter more effectively skin imperfections and regain a healthy and beautiful skin.
Sisley expands Aux Resines Tropicales line designed to purify the skin, remove excess sebum, remove impurities, minimize pores, moisturize and dull the skin:
-Gel Doux Nettoyant, effectively cleanses the skin, respecting it.
-Serum Intensif, concentrate of active purifying a proven efficacy on skin imperfections of combination and oily skin.
-Soin Hydratant matifiant ideal daily treatment for combination and oily skin.
A new product even for the neck area:
-Creme pour le Cou Formule Enrichie
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Naomi Goodsir • venerdì 23 settembre 2016
Australian designer Naomi Goodsir, puts his touch on the universe of fashion and time of incense.
His style and his unique experience allowed Naomi to collaborate with many designers in Australia and overseas. Unique pieces designed for walkways and for their collections.
The line of Naomi Goodsir Parfums follows the spirit of the fashion house of independent perfumery. A passionate creator whose vision and atypical style is reflected in the inspiration for these fragrances.
Each Eau de Parfum is formulated around a noble raw material.
talented perfumers, independent and free to express their art through the use of noble materials. Hand-made [...]
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