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Black Friday : Extra 10 % discount JUst 24 - 11 • venerdì 24 novembre 2017
Black Friday : Extra 10 % discount on all products and all order with 24 -11 date, at Cash Out :)

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Aesop Room Spray & Toothpaste • giovedì 23 novembre 2017
News Aesop
- Aesop Toothpaste
The first Aesop dentrife with its fluoride-free formulation contains lightly brash substances to remove the plaque, such as Olivella Spinosa, Wasabia Japonica, Pyrophosphate Tetrasodium and essential oils of Cardamom, Anise, Mint and Cloves.
- Aesop Room Spray 
Available in three fragrances "Istros", "Olous" and "Cythera", the Australian skin care brand has thought of an effort to help stimulate the various senses. "Istros" features subtle floral features, "Olous" is recognized as green and citrus fruit, while "Cythera" is known for its spicy wood.

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Diptyque Holiday Collection • giovedì 23 novembre 2017
A dreamlike universe, full of life and light, was the inspiration of Diptyque for the candle collection for Christmas 2017. The olfactory universe of the house has inspired three mythological animals that bear the name of constellations: the unicorn, the unicorn dragon and phoenix.
Art, crafts and legendary work combine to create a collection of three scented and colorful candles, inviting star-gazed travelers: Foret GivreeFeu d'agrumes, Larmes d' encens.
The constellations are imaginary lines drawn by man in the sky. Cosmic animals, created by the artist, Philipe Baudelocque are designed to their image. Made of stars, particles, shadows and lights, [...]
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Penhaligon's Portraits Chapter 3 • giovedì 23 novembre 2017
Penhaligon ha pubblicato altre quattro fragranze nella collezione di Portraits che compongono il "Capitolo 3" e segue Clandestine Clara e Roaring Radcliff, che fanno parte del "Capitolo 2".
- The Rutlhless Countess Dorothea, tells of a ferocious matriarch, known for his sharp mind, and even clearer is the secret affection for the company of young men.
An impeccable fragrance.
Monsieur Beauregard a mysteriously sexy fragrance
The Uncompromising Sohan ambitious, intelligent and smart. Sohan has worked with diligence and talent to affirm himself in the business world.
The Bewitching Yasmine  Like all intriguing women (and enchanters), Yasmine's scent is hot and [...]
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Molton Brown • mercoledì 22 novembre 2017
Born in the heart of London in 1973, Molton Brown creates natural-inspired products for the well-being of body, face and hair with the aim of combining the purest mineral and vegetable extracts with the power of natural sciences to reveal the full potential of each ingredient. Thus, in a small craft workshop on South Molton Street, a hand-blended unisex product range is created: vivid and brilliant colors, unparalleled blends of ultra-performing rare ingredients, mysterious fragrances, all revealing the spirit of distant lands. With years of decades of experience and passion, Molton Brown products are distinguished by their high quality [...]
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Frederic Malle Promise • martedì 21 novembre 2017
Frederic Malle presents Promise by Dominique Ropion celebrates one of the strongest bonds in human relationships: the word given.
In his travels to the Middle East, Frederic Malle noted that a promise made between two people is accompanied by a rigorous code of honor. Identify this principle, believe in keeping the word given, making the one responsible for the other, the union of people all over the world.
This principle is the basis of Editions de Parfums.
Frederic Malle's promise to parfumers, to guide them through their creative process and to help them reach the pinnacle of their talent and [...]
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Estee Lauder Blockbuster 2017 • martedì 21 novembre 2017
Estee Lauder presents her famous must have, the blockbuster collector collection ever more generous than ever.
A unique selection of treatments and make-ups.
Includes two eye palettes composed of seven eye shadows each. The first, ideal for day make-up, offers a range of shades of orange and brown; the second lends itself to bolder looks, perfect for the evening, playing with dark and smoky shades, great for creating sensual smokey eyes.
You will find two classic Pure Color Envy lipstick, known for its quality and perfect pigment design. The colorations are predominated by the fuchsia shade, declined in [...]
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IIUVO • lunedì 20 novembre 2017
New Brand
IIUVO—meaning to delight or gratify. A simple notion but one of great significance to us ( Tomi Ahmed and Leo Gibbon).
Our fragrances are directly rooted in experience, inflected with emotional resonance ; a confluence of memory and forethought. Function and aesthetic are the cornerstones from which we build, laying note upon note, adjusting and experimenting, until the narrative begins to emerge. This takes time, as most worthwhile things do, but patience, like the best perfume, rewards.
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Marc Antoine Barrois B683 • lunedì 20 novembre 2017
B683 is a fragrance of a meeting between designer Marc Antoine Barrois and the nose creator Quentin Bi, united by the same memories of childhood that evoke the scent of the skin of an elegant briefcase, boisé and vegetable scents in reference to the memories of the hot homes and walks in the forest.
The artistic direction of the first and the olfactory talents of the second have created this magical fragrance with spicy notes, leather and boisé.
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La Mer Celestial Holiday Collection • lunedì 20 novembre 2017
La mer classic treatments in a cosmos-inspired, limited-edition design. Bring a little bit of heaven to someone’s vanity this season.
Treat yourself to a gift constellation to light up the season.
- La Mer The holiday Lip Balm is a precious and concentrated repair formula that reduces cracking, softens and gives new vitality to dry lips
-La Mer the Moisturizing Cream The original legendary. The Ritual: For La Creme de La Mer the technique of application of the product is important and worth as much as the product itself: a specific technique called "the Ritual" allows to activate the Miracle [...]
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